Bobo's Farm Eco tourism on Ovalau, Fiji Island

An experience of natural beauty in rural Fiji

                                      An experience of natural beauty in rural Fiji 

                          Bula and welcome
                            Karin and Bobo

                         We like to invite you to our farm on Ovalau, nestled into the beautiful Rukuruku valley, beside the river and surrounded by rainforest. 

                              Away from all hassle and bustle awaits you a quiet and tranquil place, where you will be comforted by warm Fijian hospitality.

                                                     Your stay with us can be as relaxing or adventurous as you would like it to be.

                                               Enjoy our beautiful garden from your own terrace

                                         Our wooden cottage stands on its own in the garden, visited only by birds and safeguarded by our dog Dube,

                                                                                     with the running river as background music.